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What TechStart does.

TechStart is an incubator for students giving technological advice to start-ups ― Start-ups provide a technological consultancy project, which is then elaborated and solved by a group of students. To ensure the quality, the students are supervised by academic researchers.

For students.

Students receive practical experience and better options after graduation. Even ECTS credits!

For start-ups.

Start-ups receive easily accessible technological advice from a group of students. For free!

For researchers.

Researchers receive the chance to develop their project management skills during their PhD.

For students.

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What we offer.

  • Practical experience
  • Contact with labor market
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship
  • Insight in start-up operations
Michaƫl, master student Electrical Engineering:

''I went through a fascinating and instructive process with TechStart. Because of the interactive collaboration with the start-up, we could come up with a lot of creative technical solutions for their problems!''

Christof, master student Mathematical Engineering:

''I would advise each student to perform as much extracurricular activities as possible. Try to pick up additional experience next to the courses. Joining a TechStart project is an ideal opportunity!''


  • TechStart satisfies the criteria of this course of 3 ECTS credits
  • A total commitment of 90 hours is requested
  • You can work on a project individually or in a team. It's even more fun with colleagues!

For start-ups.

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What we offer.

  • Free technological advice
  • Contact with future employees
  • Encourage students for entrepreneurship
Joris, CTO of Diabatix:

''Do you want to explore new horizons? Apply for TechStart! The combination of student and entrepreneur make a motivated team, going for lasting impact.''

Pieter, CTO of Muuselabs:

''As a startup you have to make a lot of choices on what you can do and what you don't have time for. Techstart allowed us to investigate an idea that we had parked due to time constraints. The collaboration with the students was a very effective way to understand the road ahead. At the end of the project we had a very good overview of different implementation options and the challenges associated with them.''


  • Inside the scope of the projects: research, prototyping, analyses, ...
  • Outside the scope: pure implementation
  • Describe your project here or send us a one-pager of your project here!

What we offer.

  • Contact with start-ups
  • Develop your project management skills
  • Valorize your research
David, PhD researcher Medical Imaging:

''It was a great experience to introduce a group of ambitious students to my field of research and help them deliver a prototype that solves a business problem of a starting company. Throughout the project I learned to find a balance between letting them work independently and following up closely on their progress. Also the close contact with the start-up proved to be broadening and a good exercise in communication skills.''

Tom, PhD researcher Telecommunications:

''Meeting aspiring start-ups, pitching projects for packed auditoria, interviewing project candidates and meeting with entrepreneurial professors are all part of running Techstart. In the end, I believe that not only the students, start-ups and PhD students gain from Techstart, but also the organizers by running in fact their own start-up.''


  • A commitment of only one or two hours in a week is requested
  • You can supervise a single project, or also lead TechStart itself!
  • Indicate what you would like to do here.

Previous projects.

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Software analysis


Development & Prototyping

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